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The name "GreenSky" is inspired by the founder of the church where the owners, Nadeen Kieren and Thom Greene were married in 1994. In the 1860’s a man named Peter Greensky founded the small the Objibway Indian church in Charlevoix, Michigan.


GreenSky (the store), was established in 2006, to add to the retail mix of Andersonville's commercial area, as well as adding a charming, artsy touch to this once bland & shuttered building. GreenSky is the first business in Andersonville to earn Green America approval and also the first to earn the highest sustainability rating from Eco-Andersonville. Specializing in recycled, reclaimed, Fair Trade, & socially conscious products; each item on GreenSky's shelves has a story & does something good.


 This colorful shop run by Shopkeeper, Nadeen Kieren, elected to close March 2017, after 11 years, due to a multitude of reasons.


  The parent company, GreenSky Company Ltd. restored the building in 2005, winning a Good Neighbor Award from the Chicago Board of Realtors and a Chicagoland Painted Ladies Award for the colorful Victorian color scheme. GreenSky Company has also restored 2 additional 3-flats in the area and each is an award winner in its own right.


Nadeen & Thom pride themselves on the local focus of their work. They live, work, & play locally…